Skyscanner Helps Indian Travelers Save Money When Booking Flights

Skyscanner Helps Indian Travelers Save Money When Booking Flights

Skyscanner recently reported that a significant number of Indian travelers, around 78%, have intentions to travel this summer, but approximately 39% of them have not completed their bookings. The hesitance in booking is attributed to uncertainties regarding travel dates and where to go. Additionally, the data revealed that almost half of Indian travelers, accounting for 47%, actively seek out the best deals, while 20% prefer last-minute steals.

The Savings Generator tool developed by Skyscanner aims to assist travelers in visualizing the optimal time to secure flight bookings for various sought-after destinations, revealing both the average monthly prices and suggesting cheaper alternatives. This tool serves as a money-saving resource tailored to travelers who are mindful of their expenses. Skyscanner disclosed insights on the most cost-effective periods to visit cities such as Abu Dhabi (UAE), London (UK), Frankfurt (Germany), Almaty (Kazakhstan), and Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam).

According to Skyscanner's findings, for those planning to fly from India in July, the best time to book flights is approximately 16 weeks, about 3 and a half months, before the departure date. Moreover, for December holiday plans, the Savings Generator tool recommends booking 19 weeks in advance for a Mumbai to London trip, 13 weeks ahead for Mumbai to Almaty, and 6 weeks prior for New Delhi to Hong Kong. Mohit Joshi, a Travel and Destination Expert at Skyscanner, emphasized the importance of being well-informed about prices, highlighting that tools such as the Savings Generator and Price Alerts empower travelers to make confident booking decisions. By signing up for Skyscanner Price Alerts, travelers can stay updated on price fluctuations for their desired destinations, ensuring they secure the best deals.