Foreign tourists in Japan reach record numbers in April

Foreign tourists in Japan reach record numbers in April

In a recent report from the Japan Tourism Agency, it was revealed that April saw an unprecedented surge in foreign visitors to Japan. The agency highlighted the ongoing trend of rising numbers of overseas tourists, with April alone recording over 13 million foreign nationals staying in various lodging establishments, a new record for the country.

The data presented by the agency indicated a significant increase in the number of foreign tourists opting to stay overnight in Japan, with a notable 11.9% rise from the previous April, totaling almost 51 million overnight stays. This surge in international visitors contributes to the growing trend of lengthier stays among foreign tourists, reflecting a 38.1% increase compared to the same period last year and a substantial 16.5% rise from April 2019, before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, the agency noted that the figures demonstrated a consecutive upward trajectory, marking the second consecutive month for record-high numbers of foreign overnight guests.

A spokesperson from the agency commented on the surge, pointing to popular travel periods like the Easter break and cherry blossom season as significant contributors to the notable increase in visitor numbers. Additionally, the report emphasized the positive impact of factors like the weakened yen, along with a lack of comparable data before 2010, underlining the continuous rise in foreign tourist arrivals in Japan.