Queensland Public Service Sees Workforce Surge and Rise in High-Earning Employees

Queensland Public Service Sees Workforce Surge and Rise in High-Earning Employees

Queensland Public Service Sees Significant Growth in Workforce and Salaries

The Queensland public service has experienced a substantial increase in its workforce, with an additional 11,700 employees added within the past year. This growth has resulted in approximately one-quarter of state government employees now earning over $120,000 annually.

corporate roles within the public service are expanding at a faster rate than frontline positions. As of March 2024, the total size of the Queensland public service reached 258,012 full-time equivalent employees (FTEs), representing a 4.3% increase from the previous year.

While frontline roles, encompassing professions such as teachers, nurses, and police officers, have witnessed a 4.3% increase, corporate service jobs, including accounting and human resources positions, have surged by 9.29%. This disparity highlights a shift in the composition of the public service workforce.

The report also sheds light on salary trends within the public sector. The proportion of public servants earning over $120,000 has doubled since March 2020, jumping from 12.51% to 24.25%. This increase is particularly evident among those earning between $150,000 and $179,999, where the percentage has nearly doubled.

The "State of the Sector" report marks a new approach to public service data reporting, with employee numbers now released annually instead of bi-annually. This change, implemented by the Labor government, aims to provide more in-depth analysis and explanation of the data.

The LNP opposition, however, has expressed its intention to revert to the previous reporting method, advocating for the release of data twice a year.