American Instructors Injured in Stabbing Attack in China

American Instructors Injured in Stabbing Attack in China

Four American instructors from a small Iowa university were wounded in a stabbing incident at a public park in Jilin city, China. The attack, carried out by a 55-year-old local man, resulted in injuries to the American victims as well as a Chinese tourist who intervened. The victims were walking in Beishan Park when the assailant collided with one of them, leading to the stabbing with a knife.

The Chinese police stated that the injuries sustained by the victims were not life-threatening. The Foreign Ministry in China labeled the incident as a random attack and reassured that it would not impact the normal exchanges between people from both countries. A State Department spokesperson confirmed awareness of the stabbing incident and mentioned they were monitoring the situation.

The injured individuals, who were part of a teaching exchange program with a partner university in Jilin City, received immediate medical care. Chinese officials emphasized their commitment to ensuring the safety of foreigners in China. While details about the motive of the attack were not disclosed, ongoing investigations into the incident were reported. Videos circulating online showed individuals covered in blood in the park, sparking discussions on social media censorship and safety concerns for foreign visitors in China.