A Growing Partnership Amidst Global Tensions and Allegations of Arms Transfers

A Growing Partnership Amidst Global Tensions and Allegations of Arms Transfers

A Growing Relationship

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has praised the expanding relationship between his country and Russia. This comes amidst reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin will soon visit North Korea for their third meeting.

Military, economic, and other forms of cooperation between the two nations have significantly increased since Kim's visit to Russia last September, where he met with Putin. The US, South Korea, and their allies believe that North Korea has supplied Russia with weapons to support its war in Ukraine, in exchange for advanced military technology and economic aid.

Kim has been actively seeking to strengthen partnerships with Russia and China, aiming to solidify his regional position and create a united front against the United States. During their September meeting, Kim invited Putin to visit North Korea, and Putin accepted.

In a congratulatory message to Putin on Russia's National Day, Kim stated that their meeting at the Vostochney Spaceport in September 2022 had transformed their relationship into an "unbreakable relationship of comrades-in-arms."

Media reports suggest that Putin may visit North Korea as early as next week, marking their third summit meeting. Their first summit took place in Vladivostok in April 2019.

According to Japanese public broadcaster NHK, Putin's visit aims to strengthen military ties with North Korea, as Russia faces a shortage of weapons in its war with Ukraine. North Korea, in turn, is believed to seek assistance with space technology following its recent failed attempt to launch a spy satellite.

Neither Russia nor North Korea has confirmed the reports of a planned visit. Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has stated that the visit is being planned and an announcement will be made in due time.

Russia over its invasion of Ukraine, and North Korea over its advancing nuclear program. Both countries have denied allegations of arms transfers, which would violate multiple UN Security Council resolutions.

South Korean Defence Minister Shin Wonsik has claimed that North Korea has already shipped thousands of containers filled with munitions and other military equipment to Russia, receiving aid in return.

Recently, tensions on the Korean Peninsula have escalated again, with North Korea launching balloons carrying trash towards South Korea, prompting the South to resume propaganda broadcasts at border areas.