Raisi's Visit Focuses on Cooperation and Regional Security

Raisi's Visit Focuses on Cooperation and Regional Security

Iran and Pakistan Seek to Mend Ties with Three-Day Visit

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi embarked on a three-day visit to Pakistan in an effort to improve relations between the two nations. This visit follows a period of heightened tensions, including cross-border attacks on alleged terrorist hideouts.

The leaders of both countries expressed a commitment to working together in the fight against terrorism. They signed eight documents promoting cooperation in various sectors, including religious, cultural, diplomatic, investment, and security matters. Additionally, they discussed ways to strengthen trade and communication between their countries.

During the high-level talks, Pakistan Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif raised the issue of Kashmir. However, President Raisi did not reciprocate the same level of engagement, instead focusing on the ongoing conflict between Israel and Gaza and Iran's unwavering support for Palestine.

Both Pakistan and Iran have accused each other of harboring and supporting armed militant groups. Earlier in January, Iran launched airstrikes on suspected terrorist hideouts in Pakistan's Balochistan province. Pakistan responded with attacks on Iran's Sistan-Balochistan province using drones and rockets. Since then, both countries have refrained from further escalation.