Residents of Coastal Community in Australia Left Without Mobile Reception

Residents of Coastal Community in Australia Left Without Mobile Reception

Residents in Dongara and Port Denison, located north of Perth, have expressed frustration and concern over a mobile phone reception outage that has lasted almost a week. The outage, affecting around 3,000 residents, was attributed to a failure with power equipment within a Telstra base station in the area. Telstra's team has been working to restore service since the weekend, but residents feel there has been a lack of proactive communication from the company about the issue.

The extended outage has caused significant challenges for locals, such as Irwin Shire President Mark Leonard, who had to travel outside town just to make a phone call. Business owners like Ian Smith, who runs an electronics and supply business, have been impacted as well, with the outage forcing them to turn away customers due to their reliance on automatic pumps connected to eftpos machines. Springfield resident Yvonne Jenkins, who is a palliative care patient, highlighted the issue of not being able to contact others without access to the specific system in place at her home due to the outage.

Furthermore, concerns have been raised about the safety of elderly residents, including those with medical alarms reliant on the mobile network for alerts. Colleen Austin, a Dongara resident, shared her worries about her mother's alarm not functioning during the outage, emphasizing the potential risks for elderly individuals who may not be aware of the disconnection. State Opposition leader Shane Love criticized the prolonged outage and response time, stressing that mobile coverage should be considered an essential service, particularly with the increasing reliance on online services like banking. Despite efforts to resolve the issues, including crews working to repair or replace equipment, the lack of mobile reception has had a significant impact on the affected communities.