Liberal MP Bridget Archer Breaks Ranks Over Climate Target Dispute

Liberal MP Bridget Archer Breaks Ranks Over Climate Target Dispute

Liberal MP Bridget Archer has openly defied the party leader, expressing her opposition to any dilution of the current 2030 climate target. She has demanded transparency regarding any alternative targets before elections and argues that the existing legislated targets, including the 2030 target and the net zero by 2050 target, should be maintained.

The Coalition recently announced its decision to scrap the current 43% emission reduction target by 2030, citing its unattainability. This move raised concerns among some Liberal party members, with one anonymous MP calling the prolonged discussions on climate targets "ill-disciplined" and labeling it as "three days of nonsense." While some within the party remain confident that the issue will not cause long-term damage, others, like teal MP Sophie Scamps, have criticized the Coalition for neglecting inner-city seats by seeking to relax climate targets.

The debate within the Liberal party room has highlighted divergent views on the handling of climate change, with some MPs emphasizing the growing cost of living as a more pressing concern. Despite this, the party is eagerly anticipating details on its forthcoming nuclear policy, which includes plans to build reactors on former coal-fired power plant sites. Prime Minister Anthony Albanese has criticized the Coalition's approach to climate change, emphasizing the need for serious action on this crucial issue.