Bulgarian Arms Company Accused of Supplying Russia with Combat Drones Despite Sanctions

Bulgarian Arms Company Accused of Supplying Russia with Combat Drones Despite Sanctions

A Bulgarian Company Supplying Russia with Combat Drones Despite Sanctions

The United States Department of the Treasury has accused Freshvale, a Bulgarian arms company registered in Sofia, of selling combat drones and weaponry to Russia in violation of imposed sanctions.

Freshvale EOOD, a manufacturer of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), has been marketing Russian UAVs with offensive capabilities, including weapons systems and missiles, to an African country. This activity directly undermines international efforts to restrict Russia's access to advanced weaponry and technology.

According to the Bulgarian commercial register, Freshvale is owned by Austrian citizen Ariel Israilov. The company was established in Sofia in 2018 with a capital of just BGN 2. Despite its modest beginnings, Freshvale's website boasts a range of sophisticated drones, including the ARROW-2, equipped with a jet engine, and the BOREY 10, designed for extended tactical missions.

The company's business development department is headed by Dmitry Romanov, a Russian citizen residing in Bulgaria. This raises further questions about Freshvale's true ownership and its potential ties to the Russian government.

The US Treasury's actions against Freshvale are part of a broader effort to target individuals and entities that support Russia's war effort. Over 90 individuals and entities from various countries, including Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, China, and South Africa, have been added to the sanctions list under Executive Order 14024. These sanctions aim to disrupt Russia's ability to acquire the resources and technology needed to sustain its aggression.