Japan and South Korea Collaborate to Prevent Future Defense Incidents

Japan and South Korea Collaborate to Prevent Future Defense Incidents

Defense Minister Minoru Kihara of Japan and his South Korean counterpart, Shin Won-sik, met in Singapore to discuss measures aimed at ensuring that the incident involving the fire-control radar lock-on in 2018 does not happen again. They both expressed commitments to reactivating defense cooperation and exchanges based on the outcomes of their meeting, setting aside differences to improve collaboration on defense matters. The two countries have agreed to communicate better to prevent similar tense situations between their naval forces in the future.

During their meeting, Japan and South Korea decided to adhere to the rules outlined in the Code for Unplanned Encounters at Sea, focusing on maintaining safe distances between naval vessels and aircraft and considering the consequences of locking fire-control radar systems. Additionally, they plan to enhance communication by utilizing their telecommunication channels. Despite the unresolved disputes over the 2018 incident, the two nations have agreed to annual talks between vice defense ministers, restart dialogues at the working level, and resume high-level exchanges between their respective defense forces.

Japan and South Korea's defense ministers' meeting at the Asia Security Summit, the Shangri-La Dialogue, represents a significant step towards collaboration and conflict prevention in the region. Their efforts to enhance communication and cooperation are crucial in maintaining stability and security in the Sea of Japan and promoting mutual understanding between the two countries.