NAREDCO Emphasizes Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Real Estate Sector

NAREDCO Emphasizes Women Empowerment and Sustainable Development in Real Estate Sector

NAREDCO President Ananta Singh Raghuvanshi expressed the association's commitment to advancing women's empowerment within the real estate industry. Meanwhile, Housing and Urban Affairs Additional Secretary D Thara emphasized the importance of decentralizing water and energy production systems in housing projects. Thara urged developers to shift towards self-sustainability by integrating rainwater harvesting and creating play areas for children within their projects.

During the 3rd convention of Naredco's women wing, Thara highlighted the necessity for real estate developers to adopt practices that promote sustainability and environmental responsibility. She encouraged builders to consider incorporating solar-powered cool pathways in housing societies. The conversation at the event also touched upon the need for a transition from centralized to decentralized water and energy production for a more sustainable future.

NAREDCO President G Haribabu expressed concern over the low percentage of women entrepreneurs in the real estate sector compared to other professions. Haribabu called for increased efforts to attract and retain more women in real estate, emphasizing the significant potential for growth and diversity within the industry. Additionally, Naredco Chairman Niranjan Hiranandani discussed the government's plans to construct millions of housing units in both rural and urban areas, signaling a transformative phase for the real estate sector.

Looking towards the future, NAREDCO Vice Chairman Rajan Bandelkar praised the government's initiatives to build affordable housing units, anticipating positive growth in the Indian real estate sector. The emphasis on constructing additional housing units and promoting sustainable practices underscores a shift towards a more inclusive and environmentally conscious real estate landscape.