Awaiting Implementation After Consensus Building with States

Awaiting Implementation After Consensus Building with States

Awaiting Implementation

The long-awaited Labour Codes are back in the spotlight, with the Ministry of Labour undertaking preparatory work. This will allow the new government, formed in June, to decide on their implementation.

The notification of the codes has been a long-pending item on the reform agenda. The ministry is currently reviewing the implementation process and working on regulations and notifications. This includes provisions like the social security fund for informal workers.

Most states have also listed draft rules under the codes for public consultation. These can be notified as soon as a decision on implementation is made.

the Code on Wages, the Industrial Relations Code, the Code on Social Security, and the Occupational Safety, Health and Working Conditions Code.

While Parliament has passed these codes, their notification requires consensus building with states, as labour is a concurrent subject in the Constitution. Both the Centre and states can enact legislation on it.

Previously, both industry and trade unions had concerns about the Labour Codes, leading many states to hesitate on notifying them. However, the Centre has since undertaken consultations to build consensus on the various provisions.