Police Commissioner Clarifies Facts Regarding Inspector Burns Allegations

Police Commissioner Clarifies Facts Regarding Inspector Burns Allegations

South Australian Police Commissioner Issues Statement Regarding Inspector Burns

South Australia's Police Commissioner, Grant Stevens, has issued a statement addressing factual inaccuracies regarding allegations of misconduct made against Inspector Wade Burns in state parliament.

The statement comes after independent MLC Frank Pangallo raised concerns about Inspector Burns, who is the current deputy president of the Police Association of South Australia (PASA). Pangallo alleged "predatory behaviour" and the sexual assault of a female police employee during a social function. He also claimed that Burns was demoted in 2017 following complaints from colleagues, but later appealed and had his rank reinstated.

Commissioner Stevens clarified that Inspector Burns did not appeal his demotion. Instead, he challenged a decision by a SAPOL Selection Advisory Committee not to promote him to the rank of Inspector. The tribunal ruled in his favor, ordering SAPOL to promote him.

Stevens also denied claims that Inspector Burns was appointed head of Project Equitas, a program designed to combat sexual discrimination and harassment within the police force. He confirmed that Burns never held a position within the project.

Regarding the 2017 allegations, Stevens stated that an internal criminal investigation was conducted but not referred for prosecution due to the wishes of the alleged victim. He emphasized that this decision was made after considering all relevant factors.

Stevens concluded by stating that Inspector Burns may not have been aware of the criminal investigation, and therefore his denial of it being a criminal matter was not dishonest.