Halliburton and AIQ Partner to Enhance Well Control Solutions with AI-Powered Technology

Halliburton and AIQ Partner to Enhance Well Control Solutions with AI-Powered Technology

Halliburton Partners with AIQ to Enhance Well Control Solutions

Halliburton Company (HAL) has joined forces with Abu Dhabi-based AIQ, an artificial intelligence firm, to integrate RoboWell, an AI-powered autonomous well control solution, with Halliburton Landmark's iEnergy hybrid cloud platform. This collaboration aims to expand the use of AI-enabled tools in the upstream oil and gas sector, leading to optimized operations and increased production.

RoboWell, developed by AIQ, is the first advanced process control solution designed specifically for gas-lifted wells. By integrating it with the iEnergy cloud platform, Halliburton will make RoboWell accessible to its customers worldwide. This will enable autonomous well operations, maximizing production while adhering to environmental sustainability standards. AIQ's technology has already demonstrated a 30% reduction in gas lift consumption and a 5% increase in production from existing wells.

This partnership aligns with AIQ's strategy of expanding its AI-powered technologies to support the global oil and gas industry. Halliburton, in turn, expects this collaboration to provide greater efficiency and asset value for its customers by combining its industry expertise with AIQ's innovative solutions.

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