CII Karnataka Pledges Inclusive and Sustainable Growth for the State

CII Karnataka Pledges Inclusive and Sustainable Growth for the State

CII Karnataka's Commitment to Growth and Sustainability

N. Venu, Chairman of CII Karnataka and MD & CEO of Hitachi Energy India & South Asia, outlined the organization's commitment to driving growth, inclusivity, sustainability, globalization, and trust-building in the state. He emphasized the theme "Globally Competitive Karnataka – Partnerships for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth."

CII Karnataka aims to foster a thriving business environment through close collaboration with the government. Key focus areas include policy advocacy, thought leadership, inclusivity, ecosystem competitiveness, sustainability, and fostering global linkages and international partnerships.

Technology and Innovation: CII Karnataka will promote technological advancements and innovation across various sectors.

The organization will champion the adoption of clean and alternative energy sources to achieve India's net-zero emissions goal by 2070.

CII Karnataka will support the growth of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) and the development of industrial clusters.

The organization will focus on emerging sectors like semiconductors, solar, and mobile phones.

This initiative aims to empower Tier-II and Tier-III cities by improving ease of doing business, skilling programs, and energy efficiency.

CII Karnataka will collaborate with stakeholders, academia, start-ups, and international consulates to foster a vibrant, sustainable, and globally competitive state.

Recognizing the importance of MSMEs, CII Karnataka will provide support for upskilling and ESG compliance adoption.

CII Karnataka's vision is to create a vibrant and sustainable Karnataka, where MSMEs play a vital role in the economic landscape.

The organization will focus on sunrise sectors like aerospace, electric mobility, healthcare, and agritech, while also promoting economic growth in Tier II and III cities through the 'Beyond Bengaluru' initiative.

CII Karnataka will actively engage with stakeholders, including international consulates, to seek business opportunities, enhance job preparedness, and support entrepreneurship and leadership development.