IB Diploma Programme Rocked by Cheating Scandal as Exam Papers Leaked on Social Media

IB Diploma Programme Rocked by Cheating Scandal as Exam Papers Leaked on Social Media

Time Zone Cheating Scandal Rocks IB Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) is facing a major cheating scandal after question papers for several subjects, including mathematics, were leaked on social media platforms. This incident, dubbed "time zone cheating," has raised serious concerns about the fairness and integrity of the IB system.

Students in different time zones have reportedly been taking advantage of the time difference to share exam questions on platforms like Telegram and Reddit. This gives students in later time zones an unfair advantage, as they can access the questions and potentially prepare their answers beforehand.

The IB has confirmed the leaks and is currently investigating the source. While the exact origin remains undisclosed, suspicions point towards Turkey. The leaked materials have reportedly been downloaded over 45,000 times, raising further concerns about the widespread nature of the issue.

The IB has stated that it is taking steps to hold those responsible accountable, but has not yet specified the source of the leaks. The board also claims that only a small number of students are involved and that the majority of exams are unaffected.

However, online petitions urging the IB to cancel this year's exams and ensure justice for students who were not involved in the leaks have garnered over 3,000 signatures. This incident has undoubtedly cast a shadow on the credibility of the IB Diploma Programme and raises questions about the effectiveness of its security measures.