Kamath and Mehta Discuss Marketing, EVs, and Supporting Indian Businesses

Kamath and Mehta Discuss Marketing, EVs, and Supporting Indian Businesses

Nikhil Kamath and Tarun Mehta Trade Jabs on Social Media

In a lighthearted exchange on social media, Nikhil Kamath, co-founder of Zerodha, and Tarun Mehta, CEO of Ather Energy, engaged in a playful banter about marketing and discounts. The conversation began when Kamath shared on Instagram and Twitter that he had purchased an Ather electric scooter at full price, without receiving any discount. He jokingly remarked about Ather's "sht marketing" while acknowledging the product's excellent quality.

I bought this scooter at MRP, Tarun (Mehta) didn't even give me a discount," Kamath wrote in his social media post.

Not to be outdone, Tarun Mehta responded on X with a popular meme featuring Pakistani cricket fan Sarim Akhtar, humorously suggesting what the marketing team might be thinking now. "Marketing team be like ‘isko discount hi de dena chahiye tha (we should've given him a discount)'," Mehta quipped, responding to Kamath's post on X.

This friendly exchange highlights the camaraderie between the two entrepreneurs, despite their playful jabs. It also underscores the growing popularity of electric vehicles in India, with Ather Energy emerging as a leading player in the market.

Beyond the lighthearted banter, the conversation also touches upon Kamath's recent investment in Ather Energy. As reported by the Economic Times in April, Kamath acquired a significant stake in the company from Flipkart co-founder Sachin Bansal. This move further strengthens Kamath's commitment to supporting Indian businesses and promoting the "Make in India" initiative.

Kamath, a vocal advocate for Indian brands, has consistently emphasized the importance of supporting local businesses. In a recent social media post, he stated, "Enough of the foreign franchise is ‘better’, clothes, jewelry, food, auto, content, shoes, and just about everything else.” This sentiment reflects his belief in the potential of Indian companies to compete on a global stage.

The playful exchange between Kamath and Mehta not only showcases their entrepreneurial spirit but also highlights the growing trend of electric vehicles and the importance of supporting Indian businesses. As the electric vehicle market continues to expand, it will be interesting to see how Ather Energy and other Indian companies fare in the years to come.