Ethical Gaming for a Vibrant and Responsible Indian Gaming Ecosystem

Ethical Gaming for a Vibrant and Responsible Indian Gaming Ecosystem

Ethical Gaming for Vibrant Bharat

Ethical Gaming for Vibrant Bharat."

The report serves as a call to action for the burgeoning industry, advocating for a robust Code of Conduct (CoC) that sets clear ethical standards, ensuring transparency and accountability across the gaming ecosystem. This CoC will ensure all aspects of the gaming ecosystem adhere to high ethical standards.

The report goes beyond just ethical guidelines, advocating for third-party certification as a key element in maintaining high standards and fostering self-regulation. It tackles critical risks faced by the industry, including cyber threats, regulatory uncertainties, and financial vulnerabilities. By offering best practices to mitigate these challenges, the report lays a roadmap for sustainable growth and enhanced player protection.

The report also delves into the legal landscape, providing a clear distinction between games of skill and chance within the Real Money Gaming (RMG) sector. It analyses the existing regulatory framework, highlighting the need for modernized legislation that provides clear guidelines for the evolving RMG landscape.

Modernizing laws to address emerging challenges like microtransactions and loot boxes.

Enhancing player protection through robust regulatory mechanisms.

Promoting ethical standards and responsible gaming practices across the industry.

By drawing inspiration from global regulatory models while acknowledging India's unique cultural and social context, the report envisions a vibrant and ethical gaming ecosystem for India, positioning it as a global leader in responsible gaming.