Report Finds Safety Concerns Among Amazon Warehouse Workers in India

Report Finds Safety Concerns Among Amazon Warehouse Workers in India

A recent report by UNI Global Union, in collaboration with the Amazon India Workers Association (AIWA), shed light on the safety concerns and challenging work conditions faced by Amazon warehouse workers and delivery drivers in India. The survey, conducted with 1,838 current and former employees, found that a significant portion of respondents expressed unease about the safety of their work environment, with a notable percentage deeming it unsafe.

Among the key issues highlighted in the report, a substantial majority of warehouse workers indicated that the work targets set by Amazon are overly demanding, making it hard for them to meet expectations. Furthermore, a concerning number of warehouse workers and drivers raised alarms about the inadequate time allowed for restroom breaks, illustrating a potential violation of basic worker rights and needs. Additionally, a concerning statistic emerged regarding injuries on the job, with one in five delivery drivers reporting incidents of being harmed during work.

In response to the report, Amazon disputed the findings, labeling them as inaccurate and not reflective of the sentiments expressed by their workforce. The company cited internal surveys that showcased a high level of job satisfaction among their employees, contradicting the claims made in the UNI Global Union report. Despite Amazon's rebuttal, the union reiterated the importance of addressing the global concerns surrounding demanding work conditions, insufficient safety measures, and inadequate compensation faced by workers in various countries, including India.