75.9% of Japanese people feel close to Taiwan

75.9% of Japanese people feel close to Taiwan

Taipei Taiwan January 21, ANI The Taipei Representative Office in Japan announced the latest opinion poll results showing 75.9 per cent of Japanese feel close to Taiwan.

Most of those who reported feeling close to Taiwan said they felt the Taiwanese are kind and friendly, and the two countries have a long history of exchange and strong economic ties, according to the report.

Only 26.4 per cent of respondents visited Taiwan, and 47.8 per cent said they would like to visit after the epidemic ends.

46.6 per cent of the respondents felt closest to Taiwan out of all Asian countries, while only three per cent felt close to China, according to Taiwan News.

71.4 per cent of respondents believe that current Taiwan-Japan relations are good and 59.6 per cent believe that Taiwan-Japan relations will develop in the future. Taiwan's friendliness towards Japan is the main reason that Taiwan's trustworthiness is a result of the survey's free and democratic values and perception of Taiwan as a peaceful country. Most respondents were concerned about how cross-strait relations between Taiwan and China would affect Japan. The fishing industry has 8.2 per cent of the population and Taiwan and Japan's economic competition 6.8 per cent 24.4 per cent of respondents believe there are no problems between the two countries, according to Taiwan News.

Respondents believed that Taiwan and Japan should strengthen exchanges in terms of economy 57.6 per cent tourism 57 per cent politics and security 41.6 per cent and 43.4 per cent answered historic ties with Japan, 31.6 per cent answered abundant tourist attractions and 24.1 per cent answered international renowned semiconductor industry.