Abortion Nutrition updates measures to alleviate US baby formula shortages

Abortion Nutrition updates measures to alleviate US baby formula shortages

The nation's largest baby formula manufacturer has updated its measures to help alleviate the formula shortages in the U.S. amid the shutdown of one of its major plants.

Abbott Nutrition said in a press release Friday that the company has shipped millions of cans of infant formula powder into the U.S. from its U.S. Food and Drug Administration-registered plant in Cootehill, Ireland since the shuttering of its Sturgis, Michigan facility in February.

The firm said it has also prioritized infant formula production at our Columbus, Ohio, facility, converting other liquid manufacturing lines into Similac ready-to- feed manufacturing lines. Abbott's other plants are running at full capacity as we continue to prioritize the production of infant formula to help replenish the supply in the market, the statement reads.

The company said it is also offering an increase in the number and value of coupons available for all our infant formula products, including Similac ready-to-feed, to enable customers to purchase formula, either free or deeply discounted. Abbott closed its Sturgis plant and issued recalls on certain formulas after an FDA investigation began earlier in the year after four infants who consumed formula made at the plant became ill with bacterial infections. Two of the babies died.

After reviewing both internal and FDA test data, the company maintains that there is no evidence linking the babies' illnesses to their formulas.

The plant remains closed as the company works to make upgrades to the facility to meet the FDA's recommendations. Abbott believes that it can have products from the facility back on store shelves after a few months once the FDA signs off on them doing so.

Abbott hasn't said when the upgrades to its Michigan plant will be complete.

The company acknowledged that the recalls worsened the ongoing baby formula shortages in the U.S., which have escalated in recent weeks to crisis levels in states across the country.