Access Flow extends its IAM product

Access Flow extends its IAM product

New Delhi India January 21 ANI BusinessWire India Alcor, a leading partner in the digital transformation space and a global provider of cloud solutions, security and implementation services, announced the successful extension of their IAM product, AccessFlow.

It is an automated, self-service enterprise access management product built on the ServiceNow platform and helps organizations achieve a more efficient, centralized, and compliant Access Management. As a Built on Now application, AccessFlow provides the performance, security, and GUI of the ServiceNow platform - designed and tested for fast, agile, secure, resilient, and connected digital transformation.

AccessFlow was built to simplify access provisioning, improve visibility and optimize process compliance, and enable businesses to enjoy the benefits of:

The integration with Azure Active Directory Azure AD ERP platforms - SAP and Oracle, and middleware platforms - Boomi and MuleSoft ensures true governance and provides a single source of information with consolidated reporting and dashboards. This improves visibility to third-party accesses and processes in a single place, and helps stakeholders in faster and better decision-making.

As a Service Organization Control SOC 1 Type 1 certified product, AccessFlow's Internal Controls over Financial Reporting ICFR are approved to meet the highest level of data protection for customers. In addition, seamless AccessFlow collaboration with ServiceNow GRC ensures that the administrative and security controls are aligned with the organization's GRC policies. This helps organizations maintain data integrity, extend audit support, and proactively identify and monitor risk-based roles.

AccessFlow features and enhancements like Segregation of Duties SoD Role-based Access Matrix, Dormant Account Alert, and others enable AccessFlow to be more secure, efficient, and user-friendly. These capabilities eliminate manual intervention and improve process efficiencies. By avoiding license leakage and streamlining access controls, businesses can reduce cost by streamlining end-to- end access governance controls. AccessFlow's extensible and efficient architecture allows for easy customization and upgrades, making the process more agile and scalable.

Superior user experience: Customized workflows that require little specialized skills for managing internal as well as third party accesses offer a seamless user experience. There are new AccessFlow enhancements like training pre-requisite functionality, enhanced mobile widgets, and more. This automated and unified approach of managing access over extended integrations with other robust features like SoD, Role-Based Access Matrix, Training Prerequisites, Dormant Account Alert, and more will enable organizations to reduce time, cost, and effort. AccessFlow is bigger, better, and bolder with a single view of accesses, compliance assurance, and multiple brand-new features curated to meet the IAM needs of modern organizations. Monisha Singh, Chairperson and Senior Principal at Alcor, said.

AccessFlow Product Manager Jenifer Rubavathy said that the demand for automating access management processes for granting authorizations has increased over the past few years. AccessFlow has also collaborated with ServiceNow GRC and extended integrations with Azure AD and middleware platforms. Some of the essential holistic approaches to IAM that enable you to develop your cybersecurity posture, including preventive segregation of duties into the access request process, effectively controls for permission level risks, and give enterprise-wide access visibility increases the organization's security, process efficiency and avoids penalties for noncompliance. Alcor is hosting a webinar on January 27 at 10 am PST on AccessFlow, a topic covered by Identity and Access Management.

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