AI harnessed to mitigate adverse drug events, study says

AI harnessed to mitigate adverse drug events, study says

Washington USA January 23 ANI The findings of a recent study suggest that artificial intelligence can be harnessed to prevent or mitigate adverse drug events ADEs. The study was published in The Lancet Digital Health Journal.

The authors of the paper described the use of AI to reduce the frequency of ADEs as an emerging area of study and identify several use cases in which AI could contribute to reducing or preventing ADEs. Genetic information is thought to be critical in improving the performance of AI algorithms.

With the prevalence of genotyping, researchers are confident that this type of data can be more accessible over time and can be used to improve AI algorithm functioning and patient health.

One of the challenges is to identify and select the most relevant genetic variables among large amounts of genetic profile information, said lead author Ania Syrowatka, PhD, of the Division of General Internal Medicine and Primary Care.

The Lancet