Amazon Web Services back online after brief outage

Amazon Web Services back online after brief outage

Amazon Web Services was back online Wednesday afternoon after a short service outage, just days after technical issues knocked the cloud-computing giant offline for several hours.

The Down Detector noted a spike in outage reports around 11 a.m. Amazon Web Services status dashboard showed connectivity issues for West Coast servers in California and Oregon.

The outage appeared to affect several well-known services. Streaming giants Netflix, Amazon-owned Twitch and DoorDash were among the platforms to experience issues during the brief outage.

The outage was resolved in less than an hour. The issue has been resolved and the service is normally operating, according to the dashboard.

Last week, Amazon Web Services had an hours-long service outage on its servers in the East Coast. The outage sparked a ripple effect across countless companies, from Venmo and the Disney streaming service to McDonald s app.

Amazon Web Services is the largest cloud-computing provider in the United States. The remote internet services for many of the world's most prominent companies and institutions are provided by the unit.