ANI Pakistan National Security Policy controversy rages

ANI Pakistan National Security Policy controversy rages

Islamabad Pakistan January 28 ANI Pakistan's National Security policy released earlier this month has sparked debate both in the media circles and among security experts in the country.

Although tall claims, experts say little attention has been given to the geo-economics and human resource development aspect of the policy to make the country's security holistic.

NSP was approved by the federal cabinet last month after it received the approval of the National Security Committee. A few weeks later, the public version of the recently approved National Security Policy NSP was released.

This policy defines the direction the country should take in the coming years, and the makers of NSP have put a special emphasis on economic security. Since its launch, National Security Policy has received a lot of criticism from corner security experts and media in Pakistan.

In a recent commentary in the Dawn newspaper titled Bridging the gap a Pakistani writer said for historical reasons, Pakistan is hurtling from one crisis management to the next.

The writer said that the country is forced to take short-term decisions without a long-term view on how to steer the nation forward.

According to another political commentator Ayesha Siddiqa, the NSP can't succeed unless Pakistan effectively conducts its geo-economics with the larger neighbour. The business community, and the traders, are waiting for the government to put the document to planning and implementation, according to Islam Khabar.

The Imran Khan government has kept out mainstream opposition and even its allies despite claims to have conducted wide-ranging discussions.

The opposition boycotted the meeting after Pakistan's Senate Committee on Defence was 'briefed'.