Any Tory MP who makes misogynistic claims about Labour leader could face disciplinary action

Any Tory MP who makes misogynistic claims about Labour leader could face disciplinary action

A minister said that any Conservative MP who made misogynistic claims about Labour's deputy leader Angela Rayner could face disciplinary action.

Technology minister Chris Philp said he was appalled by a report in the Mail on Sunday about claims by unnamed Tories that Rayner crossed and uncrossed her legs during prime minister's questions to distract Boris Johnson.

He told Sky News: Nobody should have to suffer the kind of misogynistic abuse that sentiment amounts to. He said he expected government whips to investigate who had made the comments, and that if their identity emerged he would imagine they would be subject to discipline. Philp said this was nothing surprising because they had used the same words Johnson is also understood to have written directly to Rayner. The contents of the letter have not been shared, except for one quote from the Telegraph that stated: The comments were not in my name. The shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, who was interviewed on BBC Radio 4 s Today programme, did not push for those responsible for making the claims to be identified and declined to say whether Labour would complain to the Independent Press Standards Organisation.

She said that the Conservative party should be talking long and hard to their MPs about what they should be saying and briefings to journalists. She said that the outrageous claims about Rayner shines a spotlight on other female MPs experiences of sexism and misogyny.

She said that if Angela gets change, that would be a good thing. I am sick and tired of the way that female MPs and women are treated in parliament.

Reeves said that Rayner was a fantastic politician who brilliantly substitutes for Keir Starmer when he is not available, and that the slur against Rayner was the sort of thing that happens day in, day out in parliament.

She said she didn't need to use her sex to win an argument or put the prime minister off, or whatever was suggested in that article. She does it by the strength of her argument, and to suggest otherwise. It is just disgusting and it doesn't do justice to the brilliant women we have in Parliament from all sides.