Apple expected to launch an iPad Pro with MagSafe wireless charging

Apple expected to launch an iPad Pro with MagSafe wireless charging

Apple is expected to launch an iPad Pro this year and reports suggest that one of the new features that will be added to the tablet in 2022 might be support for MagSafe wireless charging.

According to a report in 9 to 5 Mac, Apple's iPhones already support MagSafe charging and it is possible that Apple might bring this technology to the iPad Pro this year, but it won't work like it does on the iPhones. Apple has not gotten around to developing an iPad Pro with a full glass back to allow wireless charging to work.

The company is currently working on a prototype tab that has the Apple logo on the back of glass while the rest of the chassis can be made of aluminium, as it is currently being made of. The logo on the back of MagSafe will allow the charging of the product to be seen as a result of this.

Reports have suggested that the glass back design concept of the iPad Pro with MagSafe has been scrapped because it would have made the tablet too fragile. The glass logo is a great way to make technology work.

Information revealed in leaks also suggests that stronger magnets might be fitted on the iPad Pro than the ones on the iPhone 13 series, which would allow a more reliable connection and faster charging speeds besides this, the 2022 iPad Pro is expected to feature a larger battery, a camera module similar to what is seen on the iPhone 13, and the possibility of the M 2 chip being incorporated in it. Reports suggest that the tab could make its debut by mid-year.