Apple expected to unveil redesigned MacBook Air, Apple iPhone 14 with new chip

Apple expected to unveil redesigned MacBook Air, Apple iPhone 14 with new chip

Gurman's expectations for this year include the iPhone 14 series with a design upgrade, a redesigned MacBook Air with the M 2 chip, an iPad Pro with wireless charging and other devices.

According to Gurman's predictions, at least some of the iPhone 14 models set to launch this year will have a hole-punch display. This is one of the biggest design upgrades predicted for the smartphones in a while, and other sources like Apple's Ming-Chi Kuo have also talked about this.

Is this possible that the signature notch on the iPhones will finally be removed? The notched display could be replaced by a small circular cutout to house the front camera, like on most Android devices. The Face ID system is going to be moved under the display, according to Apple.

Apple may have a redesigned MacBook Air on the cards with the new M 2 chip powering it all. According to Gurman, the M 2 is going to be marginally faster than the M 1 and he expects the chip to have an 8 core CPU like the M 1 chip, along with a 9 core or 10 core GPU. If this happens, it would be an upgrade over the 7 core or 8 core GPU that is present on the current MacBook Airs.

Apple might launch a smaller Apple silicon version of the Mac Pro desktop tower, as Gurman expects, with up to a 40 core CPU and 128 core GPU. A new Mac mini and a larger iMac are also expected to be in the works.

It is possible that 2022 will be the year Apple will move away from using Intel processors on the Macs to use only its own chips. When Apple announced its chips in June 2020, the company had said that the change from Intel to its own silicone would take about two years.

There is a much-awaited AR VR headset that could be announced in WWDC 2022, which is a prediction for 2022. It is possible that it will be postponed, as Gurman warns.

A more rugged version of the Apple Watch is expected to be released in 2022, along with an iPhone SE with 5 G, an iPad Pro with wireless charging support and an iPhone SE with wireless charging support.