Apple piloted a station monitoring app in India

Apple piloted a station monitoring app in India

Apple has piloted a station monitoring with Video ML in India. At the Bengaluru Tech Summit, Priya Balasubramaniam Vice President Operations said the project will allow remote monitoring and control of production and increase productivity.

But for companies and countries to fully realise these benefits, they must make sure that a large part of the workforce can take part in this transformation. They need people with the skills for tomorrow, including AI ML, 3D printing and robotics. Companies need to have a highly skilled workforce, a commitment to lifelong learning to make the most of these technologies possible. Balasubramaniam said that state-level policies and the government of India's policies to promote manufacturing, along with efforts to support the ecosystem of startups, like NASCOMM's 10,000 startups initiative, are already advancing us along the path to more opportunities and more investment.

An exciting opportunity is for India to train its workforce in the foundations of smart manufacturing, including intelligent design, proactive, and sustainable systems, as well as a focus on agile, proactive, and sustainable systems. Apple is claiming that its accelerator connects some of the brightest minds in engineering and technology with the resources that can elevate their designs.

Numerics is an iOS app from a local developer in India that allows users to create custom dashboards with a visual MIS front end. The key metrics such as sales numbers or page views are used by many companies to monitor their products. Maruti service stations across India allow their customers to use the Scan Assure app to verify the authenticity of parts used in car repairs.

Apple has been in India for more than two decades and in 2017 began manufacturing iPhones at a facility in Bengaluru. Since then, Apple has expanded its facilities and is producing several iPhone models for the domestic market and export market. Along with its supply chain, Balasubramaniam says Apple is investing heavily in India to expand its operations, expand reach and engage with more local suppliers.