Apple to allow third-party payment for dating apps

Apple to allow third-party payment for dating apps

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Apple will allow third-party payment options for dating apps in the future, the first time the company will allow outside payments within App Store apps.

Apple is releasing a set of entitlements that will allow developers to pay for dating apps in the Netherlands, in addition to their own third-party payment services.

That will circumvent Apple's 15% to 30% revenue share, which has been scrutinized by governments and developers in multiple countries.

The iPhone maker said dating app developers can continue to use Apple's system and outlined the benefits of doing so.

Apple said in a message to developers on its website that it will not be able to assist users with refunds, purchase history, subscription management, and other issues when purchasing digital goods and services using alternative methods because Apple will not be directly aware of purchases made using alternative methods.

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The company is appealing the decision and disagrees with it.

Because we do not believe these orders are in our users best interests, we appealed the decision of the ACM to a higher court, Apple said. We are concerned that these changes could compromise user experience and create new threats to user privacy and data security. Apple said it would let developers of select apps point users to the web to complete transactions this year.

The Dutch antitrust authority has ordered dating apps to use other payment systems or face a fine of 50 million euros $57 million with a Jan. 15 deadline to make the change.

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets said that Apple imposes unreasonable conditions by not allowing a free choice for app payments besides Apple's in-app purchases.

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