Aptos, Blocto, is the latest Layer-1Blockchain in the world

Aptos, Blocto, is the latest Layer-1Blockchain in the world

Aptos is a new independent project with a vision to deliver the safest and most production ready blockchain in the world. The Web 3 wallet app is making progress through its intensive integration roadmap after a recent governance vote to include the network.

Big names in the industry have been interested in the Layer-1Blockchain. Blocto is the latest and joins Aptos supporters a 16 z, FTX Ventures, Binance Labs and others.

Aptos is the latest network added to the Blocto multichain Web 3 wallet. When the integration is complete, it will join the likes of TRON, Avalanche, Polygon, Flow andEthereum on the user-friendly app.

The Blocto integration should assist the much-hypedBlockchain in onboarding one billion users to Web 3. Blocto prides itself in making the technology simple and easy to understand, as well as providing users with a simple introduction to the topic of criptocurrency.

Blocto features include email login and chain-agnostic gas fee payments. Portto, the company behind the app, previously said that onboarding to Aptos via its wallet will take as little as 30 seconds.

Aptos is a high-performance Layer 1Blockchain that supports smart contract-based applications. The network was created by former-Meta employees who previously worked on the Diem project. It uses the Move programming language, which was developed for Meta's ill-fated foray into digital currency, and is known for its safety and reliability.

Aptos processes transactions in parallel to achieve its maximum transactions per second of 160,000. This allows the proof-of- stake network to scale without the need for Layer 2 s, which makes it more like Solana than it is toEthereum.

The Blocto community was impressed with such metrics, because of its on-chain governance mechanism to integrate Aptos in early August 2022. More than 97% of voters supported the move, with over 54% approving the maximum seven million BLT funding grant to facilitate integration.

Aptos' speed, security and impressive founding team has also found a lot of financial support among the most notable investors in the industry. The project has attracted funding from a 16 z, JumpCrypto, Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs, FTX Ventures, and other funds in the past, and is now at $4 billion.

Blocto's Aptos integration roadmap is progressing quickly as mentioned. The wallet app is the seventh biggest in the network, and work has begun on including asset cards and enabling fungible and non-fungible token deposits, withdrawals, and transfers.

The development is underway to bridge BLT to the Aptos network, enable native Aptos staking and develop a Web SDK for Blocto. There is still more to come on the roadmap, including the inclusion of a browser extension wallet, and the addition of an app and Unity SDK.

Aptos is positioning itself to be a standout project when market sentiment shifts again, thanks to Layer 1 blockchains developed during the previous bear market, much of the 2021 narrative, and significant support from Blocto and other big industry names. It's possible that it's going to be one to watch out for over the next few weeks, as it's likely that it's going to be a native token launch.