Australia’s COVID-19 statistics released

Australia’s COVID-19 statistics released

Here is a quick overview of each Australian jurisdiction's COVID 19 statistics for Saturday, August 6.

You can get a more detailed visual breakdown through the ABC's Charting the Spread story here.

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The state reported 11,998 new cases of COVID -- 19 on Saturday.

There are 2,187 people in hospital with the disease, and 57 of them are in intensive care.

There have been 6,261 new cases of COVID 19 reported in Victoria today, with 668 people hospitalised with the disease.

Of those patients, 36 are in the ICU and seven are ventilated.

Queensland reported 4,174 new cases of COVID 19 on Saturday, as well as 18 deaths.

There are 703 people in the hospital, including 26 in intensive care.

The state has reported 1,959 new cases of COVID 19.

There are 311 people in the hospital with the disease. Of those patients, 10 are being ventilated and three are in the ICU.

Thirteen deaths were also reported. There are new deaths dating back to April 8, 2022.

On Saturday, the ACT reported 579 new cases, with 135 people hospitalised with the disease. Two of the patients are being ventilated and one is in intensive care.

One person has died of COVID 19 (elevated blood ).

There are 231, with 43 hospitalised with the virus, according to the number of new cases reported in the NT today. One of these is in the ICU.

The state has recorded 651 new cases, with 85 people hospitalised with COVID - 19. There are five people in the ICU.

One new death was reported.

WA reported 2,911 new cases of COVID from 19 to 6 pm last night. There are currently 346 people in hospital with coronaviruses, with 14 of them in the ICU.

Two deaths were reported yesterday by WA Health, dating back to August 2.