Aviva chief responds to sexist comments made by shareholders

Aviva chief responds to sexist comments made by shareholders

The boss of Aviva has responded to sexist comments made by some of the group's shareholders about her.

One of the women on the board said they were so good at basic housekeeping activities and that they're sure to be reflected in the direction of the board in the future, because of the speech where she highlighted returns to shareholders was at odds with Aviva's share price performance over the last ten years. In a LinkedIn post, Ms Blanc said: "In all honesty, after 30 plus years in financial services I am pretty used to sexist and derogatory comments like those in the AGM yesterday. She said that like many other women in business, she has picked up her fair share of misogynistic scars during her time working at various companies and boardrooms.

After hearing the same prejudicial rhetoric for so long, it makes you a little immune to it all, she said.

Ms Blanc said that while she'd like to say things have been improving recently, she feels the opposite is true, with the fact that such comments were now being made publicly rather than in private a new development. Mr Culmer refused to thank people for their contributions to the session, saying some comments had been simply inappropriate and adding that he was flabbergasted, but in truth that seems a long way off, she said. We have little choice but to redouble our efforts together.