Bank of England is unlikely to raise interest rates this year

Bank of England is unlikely to raise interest rates this year

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Nothing What the Front Line of the United States Two of the Bank of England's policy makers announced that they are in no rush to raise interest rates, the first signs of a push back against market expectations for a move by the end of the year.

Catherine Mann said she could wait to raise rates because markets have tightened financial conditions. That was hours after Silvana Tenreyro, considered to be one of the most cautious policy makers in the BOE, warned about a self-defeating hike to contain temporary inflation pressures.

Investors have priced in a rate rise this year and didn t budge after the comments on Thursday, suggesting that traders think the nine-member Monetary Policy Committee is dominated by hawks. Earlier this month the BOE Governor Andrew Bailey allowed speculation about a move to run ahead.

Even for the more dovish members of the committee it seems now a question about when not if interest rates will rise, said Dan Hanson on Bloomberg Economics. Mann's comments in particular suggest that the MPC may be willing to let words do its work for now, but that strategy is unlikely to last long if the jobs market continues to charge forward. Mann, a former Citigroup Inc. global chief economist, said the impact of Britain s exit from the European Union as well as supply disruptions could mean that firms can pass on price increases to customers.

Her remarks suggest that while she may not vote to raise rates as early as this year, she generally accepts that policy tightening is in the cards.

The concern that I have is that the domestic factors and the border factors, with respect to U.K. prices, are going to boost global firms pricing power relative more in the U.K. than in the U.S. and the Euro area, Mann said.

She called inflation forced mostly temporary and said policy makers should wait before moving.

Typically, for short-lived effects on inflation, such as the major rises in the prices of semiconductors or energy rates, it would be self-defeating to try to respond to their direct effects, Tenreyro said. By the time interest rates had a major effect on inflation the effects of energy prices would already be dropping out from the inflation calculation. The pound and the U.K. government bonds were little changed after the comments from the two policy makers.

Traders are betting that the BOE will increase its key rate by the end of 2022, the highest level from more than a decade, from 0.1% current levels to. Bailey and MPC members appeared to reinforce signals for an imminent hike in interviews last weekend.

Mann had a different reading of the market, saying investors are planning for an eventual tightening, but also giving the BOE space to consider the best time to act.

The financial markets are doing their homework. They see that monetary policy normalization is the direction of travel, said Mann, who joined the MPC in September.

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