Best small cities to start a business in America

Best small cities to start a business in America

Small towns can be full of big dreams and even bigger success, even though they are sometimes overshadowed by the big city hustle.

A recent report from Verizon ranked the best small cities to start up a small business, which included Northwestern towns - like Logan, Utah and Richland, Washington - to Palm Beach Gardens, Florida - the only spot on the East Coast to clinch the top 10.

Nothing Bundt Cakes owner Stephanie Quirantes told FOX Business Ashley Webster that they're thriving here in the community. We have an amazing group of people that want to work and want to spend money. Quirantes opened her South Florida bakery just three years ago and touted the city's business-friendly atmosphere and priority to keep local businesses open throughout the pandemic.

Quirantes said that we have an amazing government here that has helped us through the hard times. The chamber and the city worked hard to adapt to what our needs were going through COVID and helping us get through that. The U.S. cities that ranked at the top of the list had the best financial and tax climates, loans per business, commute time and education overview.

Florida business owner Quirantes explained how the tight-knit community has adapted to economic challenges like inflation.

She pointed out that the city has helped us connect with more people because the more revenue we have, the less we have to raise prices, and the more we can sell, the better off we do. In answering what kept her business profitable, Quirantes attributed local government support to the chamber and the city. What are the best small cities to start a small business?