Bezos Bros Pharms hosts Pharm to Table, a talk show on the cannabis industry

Bezos Bros Pharms hosts Pharm to Table, a talk show on the cannabis industry

The multimedia company, led by brothers Jeff and Bill Levers, produced Pharm to Table, a show hosted by Greenbox Robotics CEO Zack Johnson. The show will feature Johson in conversation with some of the leading brains behind the buds, the farmers in the fields, and the many indispensable characters from your favorite dispensaries to get to the root of this complex cannabis world. The team shared the first episode for its exclusive release on Benzinga.

The episode takes place after hours in one of the highest foot trafficked dispensaries in California, ERBA Markets. General Manager Jay Handal goes into the changes in retail due to COVID 19, the rise of Select Oil, the fall of Genius, the greed at the top of corporate giants like MedMen, cultivation strategies, and why cannabis is not a gateway drug, but rather a solution to opioid addiction.

Jeff Levers, of Beard Bros Pharms, said that the intention of Pharm to Table was to highlight the many companies, brands, and behind the scenes operators that are doing amazing works everyday while dealing with the extraordinary challenges of the legal cannabis industry.

In 2017 we began aggregating the most relevant cannabis news, and expanded our focus to creating our own written form content in 2019. It's natural to move into the realm of digital content so Beard Bros Pharms can continue to provide the most value to consumers new and old alike, he concluded.