Biden says Putin will never succeed in Ukraine

Biden says Putin will never succeed in Ukraine

President Vladimir V. Putin said on Thursday that he will never succeed in dominating and occupying all of Ukraine, and President Biden said that he will send an unmistakable message to Russia's president, Vladimir V. Putin. The latest package brings the U.S. support to the Ukrainians to over $2 billion since the war began eight weeks ago. American officials are more cagier about exactly what is being shipped as Ukraine s demand increases for more sophisticated arms - everything from helicopters to more advanced antiaircraft systems. Biden said that the details of some of the weaponry were being kept secret, presumably because of Russian threats to intercept and destroy it.

He said the United States would speak softly, and carry a large Javelin, a reference to the antitank weapon that has been remarkably effective against Russian armor.

Mr. Biden made the announcement in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, and did his best to put his spin on Russia's recent advances in the south and east, including its siege of Mariupol, the Ukrainian port that has suffered an unrelenting assault from Russian forces for nearly two months.