Biden tells workers in US are part of historic battle for democracy

Biden tells workers in US are part of historic battle for democracy

President Joe Biden told workers assembling the weapon, which has been wreaking havoc in Russian tanks in Ukraine, that they are part of a historic battle for democracy.

Biden said at the Lockheed Martin facility in Troy, Alabama, which has produced more than 50,000 of the tank-busting rockets in the last two decades that these weapons are in the hands of Ukrainian heroes.

Biden told workers they should be proud of their role in the mammoth US and allied Western push to arm Ukraine in its struggle against Russian invasion.

Ukraine's forces are making fools of the Russian military with the help of the West, he said.

Biden called for Congress to pass quickly his request for a mammoth new aid package worth $33 billion - the majority of that will be spent in weapons and some of the funds going solely to replenish the US military's own stocks.

Biden said that this fight was not going to be cheap, but caving to aggression would be even more costly.

The United States has shipped 5,500 Javelins to Ukraine, a part of more than $3 billion in military aid since the start of the war in February.

Biden likened about 300 staff in the audience to the workers behind the military industrial machine that helped turn the tide of World War II by churning out American firepower to fight Japan and the Nazis, citing stories from Ukraine that parents called newborns Javelin or Javelina in honor of the fearsome weapon.

Biden said the United States was known as the 'arsenal of democracy during World War II.

He said that you're making a huge difference for these poor sons of guns who are under such enormous, enormous pressure and firepower from the Russians.

He said that the United States is changing people's lives with the equivalent of 10 Javelins for every Russian tank deployed in Ukraine.

We built the weapons and equipment that helped defend sovereignty and freedom in Europe years ago. Biden said that the fight by Ukraine against Putin's Russia was a front in a wider battle between democracies and autocracies around the world, especially concerning China, a theme of his presidency.

The Ukraine war shows that this isn't true, Biden said. Chinese leader Xi Jinping told him that democracies can no longer keep up.

Ukraine is the first to determine whether that's going to happen, he said.

You're making it possible for the Ukrainian people to defend themselves without having to risk getting into a third world war by sending in American soldiers.