Biden to visit memorial for victims of Buffalo mass shooting

Biden to visit memorial for victims of Buffalo mass shooting

Biden, who will be joined by first lady Jill Biden, will visit a memorial at the Tops supermarket in honor of those who died in the shooting. The gunman killed 10 people and wounded three others.

The president and first lady will meet with victims' families, law enforcement, first responders and community leaders in another instance, another instance in which he'll have to console people who lost loved ones in a mass shooting.

Biden said at a local community center that he would be calling this act a despicable act for what it is: terrorism motivated by a hateful and perverse ideology that tears at the soul of our nation.

He will call on Americans to give hate no safe harbor, and to reject the lies of racial animus that radicalize, divide us, and lead to the act of racist violence on Saturday that took the lives of 10 of our countrymen, the official said.

Biden wants Congress to take legislative action to keep weapons off our streets and to cut off access to firearms for criminals and people with serious mental illnesses.

The president wants Americans to look for a more perfect union that embraces diversity that has made us the strongest and most dynamic nation in the history of the world, the official said.

Since he became president, Biden has had to deal with numerous mass shootings, an issue that has prompted him to take executive actions and call on Congress to pass legislation aimed at reducing gun violence.

House Democrats plan to vote on a bill that seeks to combat white supremacists and other domestic extremist groups this week, although Democratic efforts to advance gun control measures have been blocked by Republicans in the evenly divided Senate.

Some Republicans have come under fire for allegedly pushing the far-right conspiracy theory. Investigators say that the gunman in Buffalo wrote about in a lengthy manifesto and drove him to target and kill Black people. Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo. The House GOP leadership accused them Monday of enabling white supremacy and antisemitism.