Biden visits missile plant in Alabama

Biden visits missile plant in Alabama

President Biden, who wants to showcase his administration's military assistance for Ukraine as it fights Russia's invasion, visited a plant that makes Javelin antitank missiles, which the United States is sending in increasing numbers to Ukraine.

The United States is leading the United States and its allies and partners in the world to make sure the Ukrainians who are fighting for the future of the nation have the weapons and the ammunition and equipment necessary to defend themselves against Putin's brutal war, Mr. Biden said from the Pike County Operations plant in Troy, Ala. The plant makes many missiles for Lockheed Martin, including Javelins.

Biden said he has used the phrase "Russian invasion of Ukraine" to describe his foreign policy strategy, as part of an ongoing battle between democracy and autocracy.

If you send American soldiers to fight Russian soldiers in a third World War, the Ukrainian people can defend themselves without us having to risk getting into a third World War, Mr. Biden said. You re allowing the Ukrainians to defend themselves and in many instances they are making fools of the Russian military.