Biomind Labs completes Phase 2 Clinical trial of DMT-based drug BMND01

Biomind Labs completes Phase 2 Clinical trial of DMT-based drug BMND01

Biomind Labs Inc. BMNDF, a life sciences company developing medicinal next-generation psychedelics, completed the dose administration of 30 healthy subjects within its Phase 2 clinical trial of the DMT-based proprietary drug BMND 01 for the Treatment-Resistant Depression TDR disorder.

Biomind wants to create novel drugs based on first-gen psychedelics such as DMT, 5 - MeO-DMT and mescaline, as well as developing novel drug delivery systems to treat psychiatric and neurological conditions.

The clinical study will examine side effects and how they might be originated through a number of physiological, behavioral and cognitive markers collected before, during and after the trial to determine the safety and tolerability of Biomind's proprietary DMT formulation.

The results of this first part of the world's first clinical trial to test an inhaled formulation of DMT are expected to be ready in October 2022, said CEO Alejandro Antalich.

Antalich said that the design of the concentration-response trial involves a fixed ascending two dose that allows DMT to enter the systemic circulation in approximately 10 minutes. This method bypasses the first-pass metabolism, which is a major problem for some routes of DMT administration.

Biomind CEO said that the reduction in experience duration would provide greater practical applicability to potentially deliver the psychedelic treatment in a real-world clinical setting.

Photo courtesy of Anna Shvets on Pexels and Jynto on Wikimedia Commons.