BMC says it will reach 2 million total EV sales by 2025

BMC says it will reach 2 million total EV sales by 2025

BERLIN Reuters -- BMW plans to reach two million total EV sales by the year 2025, the German carmaker said on Tuesday.

Pieter Nota, board member, said that hybrid models would continue to play an important role in particular for customers with easy access to chargers, as well as around 70% of EVs sold so far.

He said that only then can we make a difference in the customer base by continuing to modernise fossil fuel-burning cars. BMW has always stood for investing in a range of technologies rather than focusing on battery-electric cars to reduce emissions, and opposes flat-out bans on purchasing combustion engine cars.

The carmaker hopes to have 50% of global sales by the year 2030 to be fully electric by 2030, but has stated on numerous occasions that lack of charging infrastructure was a major barrier to consumer adoption of electric vehicles.

Nota said that sales in November were slightly below last year's levels as a lack of chips continued to restrict supply. He said that the company remained confident that it would see absolute revenue growth compared to last year.