Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico back President Castillo's presidency

Bolivia, Argentina, Mexico back President Castillo's presidency

The Peruvian President Pedro Castillo delivers a speech at the Government Palace in Lima on August 10, 2022, with members of the self-defense committees, the so called peasant patrols who act as law- and order enforcers in parts of rural Peru. ERNESTO BENAVIDES AFP LIMA - The governments of Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador and Mexico backed the continuation of Pedro Castillo'sCastillo's presidency in Peru, where he is facing a number of criminal investigations and threats of impeachment.

The countries said in a joint statement that they reiterate their solidarity with the legitimately elected authorities. We trust that all Peruvian political actors will prioritize building broad consensus. Castillo, a former teacher and peasant farmer raised in a poor family in Peru's rural Andes, came to power last year.

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Castillo has moderated his position after his election spooked investors, keeping technocrats in the key finance ministry. He has reshuffled his cabinet many times and survived two impeachment attempts.

He is also under six separate criminal investigations for obstruction of justice in the firing of an interior minister. Opposition lawmakers said they would like to launch a third impeachment attempt, but they don't have the votes to oust him.

Bolivia, Argentina and Mexico are led by leftist governments that have supported Castillo in the past. Ecuador is led by center-right Guillermo Lasso.

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