Bosnia and Herzegovina govt approves one-time financial aid for unemployed

Bosnia and Herzegovina govt approves one-time financial aid for unemployed

At the session in Mostar, the government of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina FBiH supplemented its earlier decree on aid to the population affected by price increases due to global inflation.

The Federal budget amendment allowed for the payment of one-time cash assistance of 100 BAM for unemployed persons in the Federation, as was already done earlier for more than 530.000 citizens. In August, these payments were made for pensioners, combatants, people with disabilities, civilian victims of war, social categories that receive financial and other assistance, and for which funds were allocated from the FBiH budget, according to the statement.

On August 31st of this year, it was announced that the right to a one-time monetary compensation will also be accrue to persons who had the status of unemployed at the employment bureaus in FBiH.

After they have submitted the request for payment, the money will be transferred to the cantonal employment services.

The growth of public revenues in the first six months of the year enabled the government of the FBiH to intervene with the unemployed, as confirmed by the Prime Minister of the FBiH, Fadil Novalic.

We have shown the ability to adapt in recent years to all extraordinary circumstances and situations. We have brought programs to help our citizens most affected by price increases because we are aware of the effects and effects of inflation that have gripped the whole world. We get messages from citizens every time we see the situation in our country. With today s decision on the payment of one-time financial aid for almost 270.000 unemployed people, the number of citizens covered by the support measures of the Government of the FBiH is almost a million, Prime Minister Novalic stated yesterday.

He said that the decision of the Government regarding the five-month subsidization of electricity costs with 100 BAM for 70.000 citizens is already in effect. Over the last week, the distribution of packages of basic foodstuffs from the federal commodity reserves began for about 17.000 families in the FBiH.

With yesterday s government amendment to the Regulations, cantonal employment services are tasked with paying 100 BAM each to the accounts of the unemployed by November 30th of this year if they have valid information on their transaction account in their records. If they do not have, the person who has the right to compensation must submit valid information about his account to the competent cantonal employment service no later than October 30th, writes.