Brazil's top bank chief Guimar es quits over alleged harassment

Brazil's top bank chief Guimar es quits over alleged harassment

Guimar es is a close ally of Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, a relationship that could hurt the president's re-election aspirations. Guimar es is often seen in President's weekly social media live stream, and some thought he could be a potential running mate for President Bolsonaro in their upcoming October election.

Since it pays many government handouts, Caixa is a key bank for Brazil.

ACUTELY FOCUSED I have to step away at this moment, so I don't weaken the collection of achievements that don't belong to me personally at Caixa, Guimar es said in a statement, adding that he had Bolsonaro's support at every hour he held the job.

The website Metr poles reported on Tuesday that prosecutors were investigating accusations by at least five staffers of Guimar es' alleged sexual harrassment. According to Brazilian media, the case is sealed.

The scandal is another blow for Bolsonaro, who is trailing former President Luiz In cio Lula da Silva in the opinion poll as they head toward elections.

Guimar denied any wrongdoing in a post, saying he was a victim of an avalanche of misinformation. He said he would step aside in order to not harm the institution or government by being a target for political rancor in an election year. According to Brazil's official government gazette, Guimar es is being replaced by Economy Ministry official Daniella Marques.