BRICS sherpas agree to strengthen solidarity, cooperation

BRICS sherpas agree to strengthen solidarity, cooperation

The BRICS sherpas have agreed to strengthen solidarity and cooperation to address the challenges the globe is currently facing, such as the COVID 19 pandemic and economic recovery.

The second BRICS sherpas' meeting in 2022 was held via videolink from Tuesday to Wednesday.

The meeting was chaired by Ma Zhaoxu, Sherpa for BRICS affairs and vice-foreign minister of China, and attended by sherpas of Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa and representatives of relevant Chinese departments.

Ma said BRICS countries should strengthen strategic partnership, contribute solutions for fairness and justice, build a defense line for the joint fight against the Pandemic, and provide impetus for international development cooperation.

China looks forward to working with BRICS partners this year to strengthen communication and coordination, deepen practical cooperation and ensure the success of the summit, according to Ma, as the BRICS presidency this year.

The achievements and progress of BRICS cooperation in various fields this year were fully affirmed by the other Sherpas, and they will continue to support the work of the Chinese presidency.

The world is currently facing a number of challenges, such as the Ukraine crisis, weak economic recovery and the Pandemic. They agreed that BRICS countries should make more contributions to improving global governance, promoting economic recovery, implementing the 2030 sustainable development goals and fighting the Pandemic.