British ambassador to Afghanistan to be evacuated after Taliban advance


LONDON, Aug 14 - Britain's ambassador to Afghanistan will be evacuated by Monday night, the Sunday Telegraph reported, after British troops moved to evacuate most other British diplomats and officials.

On Saturday, Taliban fighters drawn near Kabul. The capital and Jalalabad, in eastern Afghanistan, are now the only cities not in Taliban hands, prompting the United States and other western nations to evacuate their citizens.

A plan to evacuate Britons had been due to last week, but the Sunday Telegraph said the Taliban's advances meant there were fears the airport would be overrun sooner and the operation had been sped up.

By Saturday night, only tens of British officials and diplomats remained in Afghanistan, down from around 500 earlier in the week, the paper said, with the British ambassador due to leave on Sunday.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Development Office could not immediately be reached for comment.

On Thursday, Britain said that it would send 600 troops to help Nationals and Local translators leave the country as the security situation deteriorated.