Bruce Lee Foundation's daughter reveals her father's philosophy exhibition

Bruce Lee Foundation's daughter reveals her father's philosophy exhibition

This screencap taken from the Wing Luke Museum's official website shows a picture of the exhibition Be Water, My Friend.

A permanent exhibition focusing on Bruce Lee'sLee's philosophy is opening at the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience in Seattle, with the support of the Bruce Lee FoundationLee Foundation.

His daughter Shannon Lee, who oversees the foundation, told Reuters that the exhibit, Be Water, My Friend, was an immersive extension of her research into her father's life as a philosopher.

I didn't feel like everyone was getting the full picture of the human being. Lee said that it is part of my mission to make people understand what level of philosopher he really is, and that is what he really is.

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She remembers little glimpses of life with her father before he died when she was 4: Him holding her on his lap and playing, visiting him on the set at Golden Harvest Studios, and their home in Hong Kong.

Lee remembers of those early memories, they're very meaningful moments to me, but they're just brief little touch points.

The way I felt in his presence is the way that I have a real sense of him, me, the way he makes me feel, the way I feel in his presence. His energy, his love, his adoration, his sense of safety, being with him. Her father's collection of 2,800 books - spanning martial arts theory, filmmaking and philosophy - will remain permanently at the museum, along with other keepsakes in a separate exhibit.

Seattle is rich with the legacy of Bruce Lee: Ruby Chow restaurant where he once worked, the University of Washington, where he studied philosophy and met his wife Linda Lee Cadwell, and ultimately where he was buried in 1973 at Lake View Cemetery in the Capitol Hill neighborhood.

On a vacation from the East Coast, the exhibit was a must-visit attraction for father and son Minh and Michael Nguyen.

I know all about Bruce Lee, not personally, but from a 1973 film when I was in Vietnam, and I like all of his movies. When my son asked me to take him to this exhibit, I'm very happy to do it, Minh Nguyen said.