Bulgaria's President Radev discusses consequences of Ukraine war

Bulgaria's President Radev discusses consequences of Ukraine war

A consultative meeting convened by Bulgarian President Rumen Radev was held in Sofia. Security, economic and social consequences of the war in Ukraine have been discussed.

President Radev pointed out at the beginning of the war that Bulgaria denounced Russian aggression as totaly unacceptable and called for a settlement of the conflict through diplomacy. Radev pointed out that the pursuit of a military victory at any cost drowns out calls for peace. He said that Vladimir Putin's decision to partial mobilization in Russia would increase hostilities, escalate the conflict and be a security threat with hard-to- predict consequences.

Referendums held in a combat zone, where shells fall next to the ballot boxes are absurdity in legal terms and Bulgaria would not recognize such referendums, the Bulgarian President said.

Although there is no direct military threat to Bulgaria's security, measures are being taken to minimize such a possibility. These include strengthening the national defense capacity and fulfilling the commitments in the collective security system of the Alliance.

President Radev pointed out that the risks of war were not limited to security issues. The escalation of the conflict could affect not only the supply of gas, but also the production of fuels in the country, the operation of large power plants, as well as the supply of supplies by sea, which would mean a deeperening of the economic and social crisis.

According to Radev, Europe should look for effective mechanisms to minimize the consequences of sanctions on its economy and citizens. He called on the parties to unite in the face of the crisis and threats, and called for the people to vote in the upcoming elections so that the next parliament would have legitimacy.