Canada to review marijuana legalization

Canada to review marijuana legalization

Canada s Health Ministry recently launched a legislative review of the Cannabis Act that legalized marijuana in 2018. The idea is to evaluate the impact of legalization on youth, indigenous minorities, the economy, and the ongoing illicit market. The review will look at the Canadian cannabis industry's complaints about high taxes, sale limitations, and advertising restrictions, according to a report from Reuters.

Canada's health minister was required to conduct a review three years after the law came into force.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos said it took longer than expected because the government planned a broader review than what is mandated by law. Duclos said in a statement that the Cannabis Act will be strengthened to meet the needs of all Canadians while continuing to displace the illicit market.

An independent expert panel, chaired by Mr. Morris Rosenberg, will lead the review. Rosenberg has expertise in the fields of justice, public health, and public safety. Duclos said he has an informed understanding of the relationships between the government of Canada, provinces, and territories, and indigenous peoples.

Carolyn Bennett Minister of Mental Health said they wanted the review to be as broad as possible.

The work being done by Mr. Rosenberg and the rest of the Expert Panel is essential to ensure that the review is informed by the input of experts and interested partners in many fields and Indigenous partners as well as individual Canadians. Their work will be vital for our Government to continue moving ahead in a responsible way, while also minimizing the health risks associated with cannabis, especially for young Canadians. The measure was welcomed by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce National Cannabis Working Group. To effectively displace the illicit market and protect the public health and safety of all Canadians, law enforcement, businesses, industry, and all levels of government will need to work together.